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Acuro Organics Limited is market leaders for supplying various ETP chemicals used for smooth operations and maintenance of ETP plants according to pollution control parameter. We offered wide range of Chemicals for various industries like Food, Beverages, Metal Treatment, Oil Field, Construction, Mining, Textile, Pulp and Paper, Sugar, Manufacturing, Dying Unit, Hotels and Resorts Waste, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Processing, Agriculture, etc.

We back our chemicals and systems with vast field experience and profound knowledge of how every treatment will affect your process. Our people will apply the right system and chemicals solutions to help you deliver the maximum reliability and performance.

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EM is the abbreviation for Effective Micro-Organisms.
EM is a combination of useful regenerated micro-organisms that exist freely in nature and are not manipulated in any way.This mixture increases the natural resistance of soil, plants, water, humans, and animals.EM considerably improves the quality and fertility of soil as well as the growth and quality of crops.

The possibilities and benefits in using EM are numerable and include the following:

For use in the home in daily life for everyone
The recycling of kitchen waste and turning it into valuable organic material;
In the garden to improve soil structure, increase productivity and to suppress both disease and weeds
For solving all kinds of environmental problems such as water, air, and soil pollution;
In agriculture and horticulture, fruit and flower cultivation;
In animal husbandry and for all kinds of pets;
In fisheries, aquariums and swimming pools;
In personal bodily hygiene and for the prevention and treatment of health problems.
EM consists of many different kinds of effective, disease-suppressing micro-organisms. Each of these effective micro-organisms has a specific task. In addition, these micro-organisms enhance each other’s working. This means that synergy occurs!

The micro-organisms are naturally existing and are not modified or manipulated in any way and are cultured according to a specific method. Some of which are known to produce bioactive substances such as vitamins, hormones, enzymes, antioxidants and that can directly, or indirectly enhance plant growth and protection.

EM consists of the following five families of micro-organisms:

Lactic acid bacteria: these bacteria are differentiated by their powerful sterilising properties. They suppress harmful micro-organisms and encourage quick breakdown of organic substances. In addition, they can suppress the reproduction of Fusarium, a harmful fungus.
Yeasts: these manufacture anti-microbial and useful substances for plant growth. Their metabolites are food for other bacteria such as the lactic acid and actinomycete groups.

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Most bad smells (odors) are caused by bacteria and bacterial action on organic matter.OdoKill ST3 is a specially formulated chemical design to remove the most stubborn and pungent odors by attacking the odor source directly rather than suppressing the effect.OdoKill ST3 does not contain any solvents which are usually harmful to humans as well as to the environment.
- Landfill,- Live stock husbandry- Wash room- Refuse disposal- Sewage treatment plantsAlso applicable for- chemical plants,- offices,- cinemas,- airports,- train stations,- other public places with foul smell
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ACUROCLAR DT15 is a colour removal chemical, which removes colour of waste water generated by textiles process houses and dyes industries. It is high molecular weight polymeric coagulant. 

The coloured effluents, generated by the industries, when left untreated, play havoc with reusable water resources. For process houses, in water scarce areas, it comes as a heaven-sent facilitating recycling of the industrial effluent into process water
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Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) are two different ways to measure how much oxygen the water will consume when it enters the recipient. In both cases the oxygen-consuming substances are mainly of organic origin. These substances should be reduced to a minimum in the wastewater treatment plant. Industries normally focus more on COD and municipalities more on BOD removal.

With chemical treatment, removal of COD is improved at basically all kinds of wastewater plants. The more particle-bound COD, the more efficient the removal rate. Our products can separate some dissolved substances as well, but when the COD consists of small organic molecules a biological treatment process is normally preferred. 

If our product OMNISAN R30 is used before the secondary treatment, the biological process will work more efficiently and consume less energy. Or if needed, the plant capacity can be increased without any major investments. A wastewater treatment plant using chemicals to support BOD/COD removal will always be the most compact plant and leave the smallest possible environmental footprint.

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ACUROL DF3 is a high performance,hydrocarbon based multi-purpose antifoam and foam control agent.

ACUROL DF3 is a highly effective antifoam product which both prevents and controls foam generation.

This product is ideal for use as a defoamer in cooling water systems, process applications and waste water treatment.

ACUROL DF3 gives the same superb results over a pH range of 4 – 12, and across a wide range of industrial applications, including, paper making, textile printing, acid cleaning, adhesive manufacture, paint manufacture, plus many other uses.

Product Benefits
  • Excellent multi-purpose antifoam
  • Efficient in both preventing and controlling foam generation
  • Ideal as a defoamer in range of applications
  • Gives superb results over wide pH range
  • Ideal for many industrial applications

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